Portioning & Packaging

Generous and reusable / environmentally friendly



NOTE: Most prices you see in the shop menu are per 2kg of food. Click on the item you are interested in for full pricing. Price per kilo reduces as you purchase more.

You will see a 1KG PORTIONS filter in our shop for everything that is available a 1kg size although these and most items are available from up to 6kg bulk prices. Order as much as you like!

Want to portion into smaller amounts yourself? Tick the "Add extra pouches?" box at checkout and we'll include spare 1kg pouches for you to portion up yourself.


For those who have not ordered from us before, our packaging is strong, doesn't leak, is food safe, resealable & reusable therefore environmentally friendly.

Food will come in 1 large reusable / resealable pouch per 2kg of food or whatever size you order so you can continue to safely keep your food fresh and have no problems with leakage in your fridge etc.

Tip: Your fridge is best kept at 1 degree and your freezer colder than -18 degrees for maximum freshness. That goes for all items in your fridge and freezer!


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